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Bitcoin ATMs Installed In Prague Subway

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Bitcoin enthusiasts using the Prague Metro can now buy and sell their bitcoins on their way to work and back home. GENERAL BYTES has installed 10 of their BATMThree bitcoin ATM machines as a promising start of the next level of cryptocurrency economy. So far the company has sold 1500 ATMs worldwide.

“Automatic machines for buying bitcoin and other cryptomass can be found in several locations around Prague. The metro image shows more details when you click on the station.

We also recommend that you install a mobile wallet to your phone before you visit the slot and prevent any problems with the connection in the store,” as advertised on the GENERAL BYTES website.

The company manufactures 5 models of the BATMThree, in which the BATMThreeS is the entry level model. BATMThreeL, BATMThreeM, BATMThreeXL, and BATMThreeXXL are the other models. BATMThreeXXL is the most advanced as advertised by the company:

“The BATMThreeXXL model is our ultimate configuration. It features a bill-acceptor with a cashbox that holds 2200 banknotes, a bill-dispenser with a capacity of 1000 banknotes (2×500) and an additional internal keypad lock on an internal safe. A keypad locked internal safe is usually a requirement for automatic collection by an armoured money transport service.”

All the ATM machines are equipped with highly sophisticated money validators used at casinos to avoid scams. According to GENERAL BYTES these ATM machines can detect invalid notes such as fakes and damaged bills. According to news the total number of cryptocurrency ATMs in the Czech Republic is now 46, and 27 of them have been installed in Prague.

One of the busiest subway systems in the world, the Prague Metro sees a daily traffic of approximately 1.6 million people. As cryptocurrencies are highly popular in the Czech Republic, these ATM machines could be called a worthy investment. Furthermore, public display of bitcoin in action might lure even more interest in people, and the success of the system will definitely encourage many other countries to join the bitcoin ATM generation.


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