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Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Are Steady Even Though India’s Central Bank Have Banned Cryptocurrency


The crypto markets really are managing to hold their own this week. The Bitcoin isn’t too far away from $7,000 and that is even the case when you take into account the fact that India is going to stop dealing in cryptocurrency in general. They are also going to stop working with crypto-related businesses as well. The steady prices would go on to be a big adoption win for Asia and recently Omise and even OmiseGO have signed an MOU, or Memorandum of Understanding for blockchain and fintech. This was done with a South Korean affiliate. BTC is trading for around $6,880 and this is up by a huge 3% in the last 24 hours. ETH, or Ethereum is nearing the $400 mark and it is trading at $381 so far. On CoinMarketCap, the EOS is in the red and it is down by around 1% over the last day. It is trading at around $5.92 and Monero who updated their protocol to try and protect the currency against ASIC miners is up by 1% over the last 24 hours. It is currently in the 11th place on CoinMarketCap and is trading around $170.

The total market cap is around $258 bln and this is according to data that has been retrieved from CoinMarketCap. This means that it is up from the low on April 1st, where it sat around $243 bln. Interestingly enough, Bitcoin is up by 1.03% and Ethereum is up by a whopping 2.07%. Ripple is down by 0.03% and Litecoin is also down by 1.415.

It’s been a rocky month for cryptocurrency but things are looking up for a huge number of currencies, and this is good news for all of those who choose to invest. With steady gains looking to be on the horizon, it is certainly a sign that good things are yet to come.


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