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An Insight To The 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners In The World


Bitcoin, at one point was worth way less than 10 cents per coin. This is when it started up in 2009. Ever since then, the currency has risen and now it is worth over $6,000 per coin. This is a shocking statistic to say the least, and this just goes to show how much the coin has grown ever since it started out. The coin itself has created plenty of millionaires during its time and if you want to find out more about them then you have come to the right place.

Satoshi Nakamoto

He is known as being the creator of Bitcoin. He is the major holder of all Bitcoin. It is estimated that he owns around 1.1 million of them and that is worth around $6 billion as it stands right now. It is also a known fact that Nakamoto has never actually touched his coins and he has also never converted them into some kind of currency. Basically, he has never used them for any kind of purpose and if he were to sell his stash then the price of Bitcoin would drop a considerable amount.


Bulgaria have one of the biggest stashes of Bitcoin in the world. How they came into possession of this currency is well-known as well. There has been a huge crackdown on any organised crime in the country and they have managed to seize well over 213 thousand Bitcoins. This is enough to pay off well over a quarter of the country’s national debt and this could do great things for them. Of course, when you look at what Bulgaria have had to say, they will tell you that criminals are using their own technical ability to try and circumvent taxes. That being said, the Bulgarian government have yet to comment on how much they are actually sitting on right now, so that’s an interesting concept to say the least.


Bitfinex is an exchange and they have one of the largest wallets around. They have 160,000 Bitcoins and this is worth around $1 billion. The coins however are in a cold wallet and this is designed to try and protect them from any hacks. The cold wallet is also designed to try and protect them from unauthorised access as well, as nobody would want this amount of currency to leak onto the market.


The FBI are one of the most well-known holders of Bitcoin. When you look back at 2013, they managed to bring down Silk Road. This is the biggest drug bazaar on the internet and by doing this, they were also able to seize around 144,000 Bitcoin. They stole this from the site operator who is known as Ross Ulbricht. You may have heard him as being Dread Pirate Roberts. He made a ton of blunders that gave investigators the chance to find out where he was and then they soon arrested him. The site was then linked to him. It is said that over 10 million Bitcoins have been traded on the site ever since it launched and it is known that the FBI have sold a lot of the coins that they had. That being said, they still have a small fortune of them put to one side. Most of the coins went to Barry Silbert when the sale was made.

Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss Twins are known as being Tyler and Cameron. They were the very first Bitcoin billionaires and they gained a lot of popularity when they made the decision to sue Mark Zuckerberg. He is the CEO of Facebook. They state that the idea for Facebook was taken from them and that they deserved to have a portion of the site and the profits that they have made. They got $65 million in compensation and they used $11 million of this to purchase 1.5 million Bitcoins. One Bitcoin at the time traded for just $120 and since then their investment has made a huge improvement. Their investment stands at 20000% and this is incredible to say the least. That being said, it is known that they own 1% of all the Bitcoins that are in circulation at the moment and they have a net worth of well over $400 million.

Garvin Andresen

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto but that being said, Garvin Andresen is known as being the person who made it everything that it is today. He has a very close relationship with the unknown cryptographer for years on end. Satoshi Nakamoto picked him to be his successor in 2010 and shortly after he moved to be Chief Developer. It is his job to make sure that the open source code is solid as this determines how Bitcoin operates. It also helps to determine how much it is able to survive on the market. He has cashed out quite a few times over the years, but somehow his investment keeps on climbing.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver is often called the Bitcoin Jesus. He was one of the very first Bitcoin billionaires and it is believed that he has, or at least had over 100,000 Bitcoins. He was a librarian and he chose to drop out of college because he wanted to focus on cryptocurrency and the benefits that it has to offer. Of course, other billionaires out there are throwing their cash into jets or even their own piece of land. Roger Ver on the other hand has a dream to try and establish his own libertarian nation. He believes that every single person is in charge of their own life and that they are free to do as they wish with property or possessions. He is very controversial and he renounced his US citizenship a few years ago. Soon after he did that, he moved on to a small island in the Caribbean.

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is a venture capitalist and he is also known as being the founder of the Digital Currency Group. He walked away with nearly 48,000 Bitcoins through an auction. The auction was held by the US Marshall service and this is because a lot of the coins had been confiscated from the Black Market. Silbert’s own coins have rocketed in value. They were once worth $16.8 million and now they are worth well over $288 million.

Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is without a doubt one of the most controversial millionaires out there. He invested in a huge quantity of Bitcoin when the whole thing first started out and this happened when he founded Bitcoin Foundation and then BitInstant. He did all of this when he was 22 years old and in 2014 he was then found guilty of money laundering. He received a two-year sentence as a result and when he came out, he started a business that sells investment portfolios. He also specialises in blockchain as well, and he is certainly one of the wealthiest owners around. It is not known how many coins he actually owns, but he does certainly have a few million of them.

Tony Gallippi

Business magnate Tony Gallippi is believed to be one of the Bitcoin founders. He is the brain behind Bitpay and this is one of the most popular Bitcoin payment providers. The company were launched in May and they are able to process well over a million per day. He has signed contracts with Dell, TigerDirect, Newegg and even Microsoft as well. The company has 100 people working for them and this is a shocking statistic to say the least.

So it is widely estimated that the top 1000 Bitcoin owners have 35% of the total Bitcoins that are in circulation right now.


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