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ADA Is Really Having A Huge Impact On Ripple And ETH’s Game


Cardano is otherwise known as ADA. They have surprised the market with a huge fever that has actually gone viral for a couple of months now. Those who have suffered from this were prone to talk about the coin and the offerings that it had. The talking went on for quite some time and some people even found that they could not stop talking about it. Those who were infected also had the symptoms of trying to predict for a great market performance and they also tried to make sure that everyone knew about it as well. So when you look at the fundamentals of the coin you will soon see that it is safe to say that the market is up and running. The currency will give the coins that are more relevant, such as ETH and even XRP a good amount of sleepless nights.

ADA is the 7th most popular coin on the market. The market cap is 3.7 billion dollars and Cardano has proved time and time again that it is one of the most notable projects in the ecosystem. Cardano is also said to be one of the most promising currencies in the digital world as well, and all of this is because they have a team who are both trustworthy and transparent. As many people might know, Cardano, or ADA is a currency that is able to facilitate a quick and easy money transfer on the blockchain. When you look at transaction speeds or even the durations, you will see that the number is yet to be confirmed but a lot of people want to know if it is able to beat Ripple’s 3.3 seconds per every transaction. If you look at the assumptions and if you look at the model that Cardano has then it isn’t hard to see that it could actually be one of the fastest virtual currency blockchains around. On top of this, it is also able to implement and even initiate transactions as well. When you look at the Cardano platform, you will soon see that it is able to run financial applications and you will also be able to see that it can be used for a ton of daily activities as well. You would be able to use it for anything you want and at some point it wouldn’t be surprising if Cardano would be able to compete with Ripple and even XCurrent, XRapid and more.

One thing that the Cardano team have going for them is the fact that they have a team of developers who are able to work with them day and night. They are also able to work in layers and develop systems that are flexible as well. They are even able to maintain these systems and upgrade them in the future. When you look at Cardano you will see that the upgrades are normally done through soft forks and that this can really determine how upgradable it is. ADA can really compete hand-in-hand with ADA and since then Ripple have also released their own upgrade. When it comes to the price, Cardano seems to be way cheaper when you compare it to Ripple and this is especially the case when you look at the virtual market. It is able to offer an untapped level of potential and it also works as a source of investment when you compare it to whatever else is out there. One thing you should know is that even though there is no hype around the token at the moment, it’s safe to say that that the blockchain for Cardano is being run as a non-profit.

So now let’s take a look at the Parity incident. You will see that Ethereum has its own range of smart contracts and that they have proved to be vulnerable when you consider the case where a random user would be able to lock it up and hold it hostage. This is even worse when you consider the fact that there are over $200 million dollars-worth of Ethereum on the smart contract. Cardano also has the capability of offering out smart contracts on the platform that they have and they can even do it so that it is in the form of a smart contract as well. Cardano also has the remarkable capabilities of offering them on their platform in a way that is secure and they can even do it in a much shorter period when you choose to compare it to currencies such as ETH.

Cardano seems to be present and it also seems to be a future threat as well. The problem is that this is the case for Ethereum and even Ripple as well. You should note that this is not just another blockchain and you should also note that there is something real happening right here.


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