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A Bitcoin Survey Has Suggested That Cryptocurrency Has A Very Bright Future


Bitcoin could be in for a huge boost and this is because students in the US are twice as likely to own cryptocurrency. 18% of US students have stated that they either own or they have owned cryptocurrency in the past and this is twice the rate of the general population. This suggests that Bitcoin ownership and even adoption could be on the rise. Students are often seen as the leaders of technological change and they could also be behind the process of mass adoption as well. Facebook is now the biggest social network around and it was actually open to students alone at first. It was adopted by the masses soon after and then it even addressed the older generations as well. Before this, a younger internet was used by students and it was used to share research. The internet was then commercialised and this is just a small sample of how much things have changed over the last couple of years. 17% of students stated that they consider their knowledge of the blockchain and even cryptocurrency to  be very good. When you look at the global population however you will soon see that it is only 9% of the population who can say the same. The survey as done at the same time so it is safe to say that students are leading the charge.

The survey comes after a warning which was sent out by the Chief of Coinbase. He has stated that adoption of Bitcoin could take some time and those who had  a degree in computer science were most likely to have experienced Bitcoin. The survey results show that the digital currencies that are out right now are ready for adoption and when you look at the paper you will soon see that Bitcoin now has a way of paying for services and even goods as well. This could especially be the case when you look at the next decade and the students are going to be a huge part of this. A quarter of those who were surveyed would have been willing to take a blockchain course.

David Yermack who works in the finance department has stated that he is now offering a course on blockchain. 35 students chose to sign up and this is 8 lower when you look at the typical elective. By Spring, that number rose to well over 230 and Stern was then forced to move his class to the biggest auditorium around. Coinbase also found that 42% of the top universities will offer at least one class on cryptocurrency or even on blockchain. 22% of them are also proud to say that they offer more than one as well. Of course, when you look at the bigger picture you will soon see that the courses are most prominent in the United States. Only 5 out of 18 universities offer blockchain courses in the world offer courses on blockchain and this is very interesting to say the least. Of course, it is important to know that the American students are  probably the one who are going to lead the crowd but so far everything is looking great.

Stanford university happens to be one of the most prominent when it comes to cryptocurrency courses and they are also one of the top 50 universities around as well. They offer a huge range of courses and they also have a lot of choices available for you as well. It’s important to know that this is not computer science. In fact, the rise in offerings really does help to spark student interest. Students have a really diverse set of majors and they have even said that they would like to class in cryptocurrency as well. Bitcoin has also made a slight recovery as well and this is incredibly interesting to say the least. Only time will tell if anything is going to happen from this but it would be good to know how this influence carries on guiding students to the future.


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