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Rejuvenation – One of the Most Important Things in Your Trading Journey


In the previous article, we discussed the fire in trading and stress protection. There are other stress protection methods like recreation, relaxation, and learning to perform automatically under stress through mental rehearsal.

Take time to recharge yourself

Going to a cool place is the best way to recharge oneself. It is also an excellent method of protecting yourself from stress.

Recreation – Take breaks during the day to change your mind a little bit. Listen to songs that you enjoy the most. Prepare your favourite food and share it with others so they can also enjoy it. Play sports and keep yourself active. Whichever the activity you chose, do it regularly and enjoy yourself doing it. Always have fun whenever you feel stressed out. Spending time for yourself and doing what you like is an essential way of stress protection.

Vacations – Vacations can be refreshing, especially when you are stressed. Go out and rejuvenate yourself. Professional traders feel that a two-week vacation every six-month is necessary to get away from the market pressures. You should not even think about the market while you’re on vacation. Some traders take their laptops along with them and are present in the market. A vacation in this manner is not a vacation; it is just moving your workplace.

Relaxation – Relaxation does not mean laziness. Relaxation is a means to increase productivity. It refreshes you and makes you more alert. It also decreases the daily strain on your body.

Relaxation is like self-control. By relaxing, you go into a state of meditation. Once you train your mind, you will be able to recognise tension just by scanning your body. You can then concentrate on that tension and work on that. If these procedures are practised, until you become an expert, it will help you reduce anxiety and not let affect your trading performance or health.

Why do you need to relax?

Relaxation has many implications on the mind and body.

  • Relaxing regularly trains individual muscles to relax. It will help you to gain control of your muscle, and you can see the difference when your muscle is tensed and relaxed. A beginner trader should try to relax an individual muscle first.
  • Most people don’t know how to relax individual muscles. Regular tension training will make you familiar with the tension in each muscle.
  • Tensing muscles is another way to relax your muscles than morning exercise. You will reach a much deeper state of relaxation.
  • You can use a countdown relaxation technique to relax quickly. You could countdown from 25 to zero, where lower numbers are associated with more relaxation.

Learning to perform under stress

Whenever traders are under high stress, they behave in the way they had acted when they had entered the market. These are known as early, well-learned behaviour patterns. These well-learned behaviour patterns are usually unsuccessful and result in market losses. An obvious solution to this is to find a behaviour pattern that is successful and easily adaptable by you. If not easy, then you must practice them until you learn it. Once you do this, the successful behaviour pattern will come naturally to you. And this is one of the top trading tasks, which is a mental rehearsal.

If you are still not sure what successful trading tasks are, try the following suggestions:

  • Develop a trading procedure that is successful 50% of the time. This is possible only when you study the market and market systems.
  • Trade using a demo account until you have developed a successful formula that works in certain market conditions. If you need a technique that works in all market conditions, then you need to develop many such systems. It will take more time.
  • After you have arrived at a formula, continue trading in demo account till it becomes second nature to you.
  • Several automation systems are available. You can also make use of algorithms and automate your method.
  • Develop consistency as it is an essential factor for successful trading. Then go to a real account.
  • Trading without the procedures mentioned above is like sending a man to space with no knowledge about space. If the space organisation tries that, the result is obviously the death of the astronomer.


There is an old saying that “You get exactly what you want from life”. In fact, you are stressed only when you want to be stressed. This comes from the decisions you have taken. You have done a lot of exercises to get out of stressful situations. Now it is time to ask yourself a few questions. Have you ever done the exercises? Are you taking positive steps to reduce stress?

Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, and consuming large amounts of sugar are all examples of self-sabotage. All these habits affect your health and trading performance. If you are still consuming them, they would eventually be the reason for your failure in this journey. It is important to stop these habits and resist yourself from consuming such things. Hope you had a good read. Happy Trading.


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