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Best Practices to Adopt to Control Your State of Mind



While learning to control your state of mind, the first thing to know is that ‘state’ does not represent yourself, it’s just something that’s moving through you. In this article will learn some useful practices for handling some of the negative mental states. From these techniques, you will know how to express yourself and prevent unwanted states from occurring in certain situations. We will also list some major practices to recognise your positive states so that you can use them effectively.

Practice one: Rechanneling your energy 

The first practice will help you to use the positive side of the negative mental state so that you move to a more productive state of mind. The first technique can be practised in the following ways.

  • If you want to change your mental state, you must be able to recognise the state from which you are beginning. You must identify the starting point.
  • Once you identify your state of mind, ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish being in this state. Try to go within yourself and get an answer. What are the positive benefits for you?
  • Once you know your intention, appreciate your state of mind as being a signal to you that you need to satisfy that intention in some way. This leads to some sort of dissociation.
  • Find solutions to satisfy those intentions in an appropriate and effective manner. Come up with at least three effective behaviours for fulfilling the intention.

Carry out these steps until you see yourself doing it easily and effortlessly. When you finish, you will notice that you have changed your state of mind to one that is very different and strongly positive.

Practice two: Controlling the way of expression

From this lesson, you will learn how to express yourself in a more appropriate manner. This will help other people know who you are and what you are thinking. When you express yourself appropriately, you give yourself the opportunity to get what you want. We give you a set of exercises which you can practice to express yourself.

  • Identify the time when you are not expressing yourself properly. Once you recognise, capture the state of your mind.
  • Determine your goal and what steps you have taken to achieve your goal. While carrying out the steps, compare the results from before to now.
  • List some alternate ways using which you could have behaved or expressed yourself better.
  • Once you explore some new ways of exploring yourself, you start to express your mental state different from before. If you have not found anyway, repeat the exercise from step three.

These are not the only choices available to you. You could also try something else.

Practice three: Stay away from unwanted mental states

A state of mind which causes anxiety has no useful function in the market. On the other hand, the same anxiety may be helpful if you are well prepared to trade the markets. If you are still facing a problem with anxiety, you can follow the below-mentioned exercise to eliminate that state from occurring in the future.

  • Firstly, identify where your mind is. What are your feelings with respect to specific situations? If you are well prepared, you will not experience any anxiety.
  • Ask yourself what produced the unwanted state. Determine what could have triggered that state. Experience the state from the perspective of people who had experienced it and how they overcame.
  • After you have learned whatever till now, develop some replacement behaviour. In simple words, determine how you could have behaved differently in the same situation.
  • When you assume that certain things are not under your control, it could bring disaster. This is because most of the time, situations will be under your control.

You need to appreciate and acknowledge the value of the problem. Try to access resources for solving the problem.

Practice four: Identify your own desirable states.

Learn to recognise and use productive states that you have. Learn the procedure for accessing the state that helps you in the market. If you have experienced the state before, just remember it. A state of mind which helps you to concentrate better and tune in to the market environment can be used in many circumstances. You will only see your profits soaring.

To recognise and use such mental states productively, practice the following exercise for at least two weeks.

  • Each evening, do self-analysis and pay attention to that period in which you were most productive and happy with yourself.
  • Once you have thought about that state, dissociate and notice the body changes. How has your posture changed? How are you breathing differently? As you notice the changes, make the changes in your body.
  • When body posture, breathing and muscle tension all match together, it will automatically put you in that state. You can essentially use some techniques you know to set yourself even more fully into that state.
  • Imagine yourself in the future. It could be even a week or a month. Seeing yourself in that situation might be useful.

Repeat this procedure until you discover the productive states of mind. These exercises are only effective if you do them.

Final words

The practices mentioned above will help you to become more efficient, not just as an investor but in other aspects of your life as well. Recognise the problem. Along with this, determine the cause and intention of your goal. Find the most appropriate choices in achieving your goal. All the mentioned above practices work only if you practice them consistently. If not, there is no specific use of just knowing these practices and not following them. Happy Trading!


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