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Daily Crypto Brief, Sept. 23 – Sellers Dominating!


Sale sentiment controlled the price action this weekend. Bitcoin is break-even since Frida’s close, Ethereum -3%, Ripple -5.45%, Stellar -4.95%,  EOS -5-78%, Tron -7.73% were the top losers. Market cap is $263 billion and Bitcoin dominance 68.1%.

Source: Coinmarkercap.com

The Heat Map of the Crypto sector shows Bitcoin mostly flat while altcoins are retracing a high percentage of their gains of the past week.

What is happening?

The German newspaper Der Spiegel revealed in a report that Libra will hold 50% US Dollars, 18% Euro,  14% Brittish Pound, and 11% Singapore Dollar. The report said the basket would not include Yuan. Source condesk.com.

Trading in the new Bakkt BTC futures has begun trading a few hours ago, but the response is still weak.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange BTC options will be launched in Q1 220. Thus CME will deliver the first regulated BTC options contract. BTC options can be used as a tool to mitigate risks since an options contract gives the right but not the obligation to trade. Source: bitcoinnews.com.

Technical Analysis



 Bitcoin is trading slightly below the $9,900 level. This movement is part of a long corrective .movement that began on Sept. 19 wich is retracing an impulsive move from about 9,400 to $10,940. Currently, the price is a bit below the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level.

The price is following ta descending trendline (black), and, currently, it is correcting a bullish candlestick made yesterday at 4 p.m. We see that the price is moving below the -1 Bollinger line and MACD is slightly negative. We see also that the 50MA has crossed below the 200MA. On the positive side, we see that the $9,760 supported the price earlier.


Ripple has broken Lost almost all of the gains of the last week. The price is dropping hard and broke several resistance levels and currently is near its next support level of $0.266, which is the top level of the previous sideways channel. The price action is bearish, although very oversold. Thus, it is likely the price stops its drops around this support. Currently, there is no indication of a trend change.


 Ethereum has retraced from its top, the price action moving below the Bollinger mean and down to the -1Bollinger line. Currently, it is touching the 50MA. MACD is still bearish, also. The price could even test the $203 support level before another upward leg. The mid-term outlook is still bullish.


 Litecoin retracement brought the price down to $71 which seems to have acted as support Now the price is struggling with the $72.4 resistance, but the MACD is improving (the histogram is approaching the zero line) and the price moves sideways and obeying the upward trendline. A breakout of the 50-period MA would signal a new leg up.





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