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Bitcoin Time Traveller Reveals Cryptos Valuation up to 2025


The weirdest and commented piece of news during this weekend is the predictions on the Bitcoin by a self-called time-traveller.

Back in 2013, a Reddit user called Luka_Magnotta predicted bitcoin price at the year-end from 2010 to 2021. He said he was a visitor from 2025.

Last week, it has been revived in Reddit and Twitter.

So far, his predictions have been close to the real BTC price in 2015, and 2017. His forecast for the 2019 year is $100,000, and one million for the year 2021.

This has created a lot of comments and videos everyone commenting about the original post. Mostly focused on his $100K prediction.


Really, this post is like a small work of fiction. He commented that in the year 2025 0,01 BTC makes you a rich person. The economy is basically screwed up, and there are two kinds of persons, the ones owing BTC and those who don’t.  BTC owners protect themselves from the rest living in citadels. The most interesting fact is he predicts that North Korea will be one of the biggest holders of Bitcoin, a weird prediction at that date (2013), but which proves to be correct.


The comments that followed on the original thread are even more interesting.

If you like dystopian science fiction, please, read the complete post for yourself.

I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing. from Bitcoin



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