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Why Ripple’s Price is Dominated by the Sellers?


After a large bullish candle made early this morning, XRPUSD is heading south and crossed under the ascending trendline. Is this coin headed to visit its recent lows?

The technical indicators are all leaned to the downside, adding credibility to this movement. But, to confirm it we need the price to close below the low of this bullish candle, 0.31447.  If that is confirmed the price could visit its closest bottom at 0.3121. A reversal candle would indicate this is a fake movement.

High XRP volume, making investors apprehensive?

Is this price action the result of a $125 billion transaction, as reported by coininsider.com? Also, coincidentally, today it is reported that one billion XRP moved from Ripple’s escrow was mistaken by a wale dump, making investors rather bothered.





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