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Real Trade Review


Founded in 2003, Real Trade is owned and operated by Real Trade Group Ltd., a company which is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and registered with the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. As an offshore brokerage, Real Trade is able to offer extremely attractive trading conditions, such as high leverage and tight spreads. They also offer their own proprietary trading platform, RealTrader. With options for U.S. traders in short supply, we’re doing our best to offer up solutions for those in search of a broker, but does Real Trade tick all of the boxes? Read on to find out.

Account Types

There is only one account type offered, so all of the account-related details listed below will apply to the single account. Islamic accounts are not offered at this time. The order execution for live accounts will be Market and the pricing format will be 4/2 decimal places after point. The allowed distance on pending orders (SL, TP, Limit/Stop) is the the same as the spread value and hedging is allowed as long as the Margin level is higher than 100%. Opening 2 positions on the same asset and with the same lot, but in opposite directions, requires margin for only one of those positions. Do note that the trailing stop function only works only when trading platform is turned on, and that margin call takes place when the margin level is equal or less than 50%, where stop out takes place when the margin level is equal or less than 30%.


If you’re looking for MT4, you will not find it here. Instead, this broker has chosen to provide their own trading platform known as RealTrader. The platform provides basically the same functionality as the MetaTrader platform and does support a variety of technical indicators and line studies, along with Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators and Scripts. The platform will need to be downloaded and is specifically designed for use on the Windows system. The platform is not made available in app format, a fact which will be disappointing to those who choose to trade from their mobile devices.

Key features of the RealTrader platform include:

  • Instant Execution
  • Reliable with a high security level
  • Trusted trading operations
  • Unlimited charts with time-frames from 1 minute to 1 month
  • Extensive variety of financial instruments for technical analysis
  • Experts, Custom Indicators and Scripts
  • Choose between 30 different interface languages
  • Real-time price quotes
  • Access historical data
  • Built-in messaging system
  • Detailed trading account statements

Tip: To quickly become acquainted with all settings and functions of the RealTrader trading platform, go to the «Help» menu and then click on «Help Topics» or press F1 button on your keyboard.


The default leverage setting for all accounts is 1:100. However, a leverage ratio of as high as 1:1000 is available upon client’s request. This is quite a bit higher than the 1:500 maximum that we often see offered by brokers who accept U.S. clients. On bitcoin trading, the maximum is 1:1. Real Trade does not allow the leverage setting to be changed within the trading platform, so if you do decide to trade with this Forex broker and want a ratio other than 1:100, they ask that you send an email to the support team using the provided contact form on the website or using the following email address: info@realtrader.eu. When contacting them, you can specify any leverage ratio between 1:1 and 1:1000. Note that any open positions will need to be closed before the leverage setting can be changed.

Trade Sizes

The smallest allowed trade size is 0.01 lot, so micro lot trading is available for those who wish to tightly restrict their financial risk. The largest allowed trade size is 100 lots, which is a bit on the low side, yet should not be a problem for the average trader. The following applies to currency pairs only. The minimum trade size when trading bitcoin is 1 BTC. On spot metals, the minimum for the XAU/USD pair is 1 lot (100 troy oz) and is also 1 lot on the XAG/USD pair (5,000 troy oz).

Trading Costs

Real Trade not only does not charge any per-trade commission, but actually adds monthly interest rate accrual of 15% to the account balance. Although interest payments had at one time begun to become popular within the Forex industry, it is basically unheard of at this point. This is clearly one of the strongest arguments for using Real Trade as at least one of your brokers. Swap fees are charged and are shown in pips within the platform. These can be viewed on the broker’s website within the ‘Trading Terms’ area, along with a complete list of assets and other important information regarding trade conditions within the platform.


The provided asset list is a bit on the smaller side, with the primary focus being on currency pairs. Those who like to trade on bitcoin will be pleased though, as the BTC/EUR and BTC/USD pairs are available.

At this time, the following number of underlying assets are available within the Real Trade platform:

  • Currency Pairs: 37
  • Cryptocurrencies: 2 (Bitcoin)
  • Spot Metals: 2 (Gold and Silver)

If you’re looking for indices, stocks, or additional commodities and cryptocurrencies, you will need to consider using a secondary FX broker to access these assets. A full list of available assets can be viewed on the Real Trade website.


Spreads vary by asset, starting as low as 0.1. The minimum spread for each asset can be viewed within the ‘Trading Terms’ area of the broker’s website. The average spread looks to be between 0.2 and 0.3, which is excellent. The spreads on cryptocurrencies and spot metals are higher, but this is standard within the industry and not a cause for concern.

Minimum Deposit

The smallest accepted deposit is 20 USD or EUR. Since there is only one account type, this minimum applies to all who decide to start trading with this broker. We often recommend a larger deposit than this, but this broker does offer several ways in which to stretch your deposit, including high leverage, rebates and bonuses. Additional information on rebates, bonuses and extras such as trading risk insurance can be found below.

Important: After you have made the payment, Real Trader asks that you fill out and submit a Deposit Notification Form (http://realtrader.org/en/deposit-notification-form) to alert them that you have submitted a deposit. Your trading account will then be credited within 1 business day upon receipt of the notification.

Deposit Methods & Costs

The accepted deposit methods include:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • WebMoney
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money

Real Trade does not charge any deposit fees, but there may be fees charged on the part of the payment processor. For example, Perfect Money charges a 0.5% fee on each transaction, where WebMoney charges a commission of 0.8% of the total payment amount from each transaction. On wire transfers, banks normally charge a $20-$40 fee on each outgoing and incoming transfer. These rates could change, of course, so do contact your preferred payment processor for up-to-date details.

Withdrawal Methods & Costs

The aforementioned deposit methods are also available when it comes time to withdraw your earnings. Once again, Real Trade scores points by not charging any payment processing fees on withdrawals. However, there may be charges assessed on the part of the payment processor, as mentioned above. The most interesting fact to note is that Real Trade does include PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method. PayPal is notoriously strict and tough for brokers (who are always at risk of complaints when traders do not profit as they expect to) to work with. This is an excellent sign of reliability on the part of this brokerage.

Withdrawal Processing & Wait Time

All withdrawal requests are processed manually within 1-2 business days. Requested withdrawal funds free from margin requirements must be available for withdrawal at the time your request to withdraw funds is processed. e-Payments such as PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money and WebMoney should arrive quickly. There will be a longer wait time on bank wire transfers, but this payment method is often viewed as being the best and most secure payment option for larger amounts. Once paid out, wire transfers can take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive, depending on the bank that is processing the incoming payment.

Bonuses & Promotions

Real Trade is quite interesting in that they offer several different extras, bonuses and promotions.

Rebates (Cashback): The rebates program allows clients to receive a portion of the spread. The larger the trading volume, the larger the rebate amount that once can receive. Rebate payouts are processed instantly to your trading account, crediting just after the order is closed.

Trading Risk Insurance: This service will allow you preserve and defend your trading capital by eliminating the risk of potential losses. Risk insurance makes it possible to insure your trading capital and to receive up to a 100% reimbursement of your insured deposit. The cost of trading risk insurance is just 10% of the deposit amount. For additional information, visit: http://realtrader.org/en/services/insurance.

Forex Trading Contests: While the most recent contest had ended prior to this review being completed, Real Trade does offer this type of promotion. In the most recent contest, traders were able to trade within a demo account to compete for five cash prizes of up to $1,000. An archive of past contest results is made available and will give you a clear idea of the types of contests that this FX broker offers.

No Deposit Bonus: In the past, Real Trade has offered no deposit bonuses. The last offer was for a free $20 deposit for new customers. This offer is not active at this time, but could be open again the future, so do check back.

Educational & Trading Tools

The only trading tools provided are those which are built into the RealTrader platform. There is no much offered in the way of educational tools, with the exception of a glossary and Forex forecasts (which have not been updated for quite some time). Those who still need to master Forex trading will need to look elsewhere, as will those who are interested in extra tools such as copy trading, social trading and more.

Customer Service

Unlike many Forex brokers, Real Trade does not offer live chat as a contact method. They do, however, provide a contact form and direct email address (info@realtrader.org) for clients to use. In addition, their support team can be reached by calling +44 20 3287 3131. Additional contact information for their various departments and branches can be viewed below.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are available and can be created without the need for registering a new account. The leverage on all demo accounts is set to 1:100, but can be changed by sending an email to the support team informing them of your desired leverage setting.

  1. To create a Real Trade demo account, follow these steps:
  2. Download the RealTrader platform and install it on your computer.
  3. Open the platform and go to the «Tools» -> «Options» menu or press «Ctrl+O»
  4. Enter the address of the server: demo.realtrader.org:1950
  5. Click «Open an Account» and fill in all required fields.
  6. Click on «I agree to subscribe to your newsletters».

After the registration has been completed, you will receive the account number and password. This information can be also found in the ‘Mailbox’ area. Note that demo accounts are automatically deleted if you do not login at least once per two weeks.

Countries Accepted

The main question that most are asking is, does Real Trade accept U.S. traders? As an offshore brokerages, they are not limited and do not have to restrict traders from certain locations. This broker does not provide a comprehensive list of countries that they do or do not accept, however, so we do recommend that you reach out to the support team should you have any questions or experience any troubles with registering a new account.


The Real Trade website is certainly not high-tech and in fact, could scare many traders off rather quickly. We of course stuck around and dug deep to learn all that we could about this FX broker. What we found is that they do offer some attractive trading conditions and their proprietary platform is nice. This broker will not be for everyone. Some will need additional assets to trade with or will be set on only using a MetaTrader platform. For the rest though, the traders who are open to new experiences, Real Trade is certainly worthy of a closer look.


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