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Just2Trade Review


Just2Trade is a discount Forex and CFD broker that is located and registered in Cyprus. The company offers four different account types and aims to offer lower than average spreads and commission fees. You’ll also find that Just2Trade offers a variety od currency pairs, indices, energies, precious metals, CFDs, and stocks for trading. Since there are so many account types with different specifications, it’s definitely worth taking an in depth look to see if this broker is the best choice for you.

Account Types

Just2Trade offers four separate account types: Forex and CFD Standard, Forex ECN, MT5 Global, and ECN Pro. Three of the account types offer low deposit minimums and all accounts offer the same leverage options, in addition to the same trade sizes and margin call/stop loss levels. Commission fees and spreads do vary. Below, you can take a quick look at some of the specifications for each account type.

Standard Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Spread: From 0.5 pips
  • Commission: None

ECN Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Spread: From 0 pips
  • Commission: less or equal to $3 per lot

MT5 Global Account

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Spread: From 0 pips
  • Commission: less or equal to $2 per lot


  • Minimum Deposit: $100000
  • Spread: From 0 pips
  • Commission: less or equal to $2 per lot

The minimum deposit requirements are pretty easy to meet for three of the account types, but the ECN Pro account may be out of reach for many traders. The Standard account trades commission fees for higher spreads, while the other three account types offer lower spreads, but do charge commission fees. All account types offer the same leverage options, although those options may be limited based on experience.


Just2Trade actually offers five separate platforms to choose from, while many other brokers don’t provide a choice. We will start by mentioning the most widely offered platforms, MetaTrader 4 and its successor, MetaTrader 5. Both platforms are highly accessible and available for download via PC and through iOS and Android for mobile. You can also access the browser-based versions via the WebTrader, which is the best option for Mac users. MT4 provides 21 timeframes and an advanced set of tools, including indicators and graphical objects. MT5 was created with the purpose of improving upon MT4, but many users still prefer the original version. TRANSAQ is also listed as an available platform, but the website does not load the page, so we assume it is not offered at this time.

Another offer is the CGQ platform, which is free for desktop downloads. This program is also used by many big brokerages, but it is not as well known as MT4 or MT5. CGQ provides various trading services ranging from simple to complicated, clear and high-quality market data, and offers high-end system of portfolio risk-assessment. Finally, the ROX platform is offered in addition. The program is more customizable and will allow users to resize and arrange windows on screen, swap and drag tables, and assemble columns. You’ll also have direct access to exchanges, support for all types of applications, and complete integration. To view the trading platforms or to download, you’ll need to navigate to ‘For Traders’ and find the platform under the ‘Platforms’ section of the website.


The maximum leverage goes as high as 1:500 for all four account types. This is much higher than the industry average, which tends to gravitate around 1:200. If you do find another broker offering leverage this high, you’ll often that it is exclusive to one account type, so it’s rare to see that Just2Trade offers the same high leverage options for all three account types. However, the broker seems to promote this leverage for more professional traders and may limit the maximum leverage for beginners. We do want to mention that higher leverage options go hand in hand with higher risks, so it may be best to leave the highest options to more experienced traders. Still, the website doesn’t explain exactly what would make them consider one to be more professional than another. It’s possible that this would be based on information provided when opening an account.

Trade Sizes

All accounts allow for micro lots to be traded. There does not seem to be any maximum trade size, but feel free to reach out to support if you’d like to confirm. The margin call and stop loss levels are the same for all account types and can be viewed below.

Margin Call: 100%

Stop Out: 50%

Note that reaching the margin call level would mean that the system would no longer allow you to place trades. This would be the point to consider closing out some trades or depositing more funds. If you reach the stop loss level, your trades will be closed automatically. You’ll want to avoid this, so be sure to keep an eye on any ongoing trades.

Trading Costs

If you choose the Standard account, you’ll be trading without paying commission fees, but this is exchanged for higher spreads, which start at 0.5 pips. Honestly, the spreads for this account are still very low and advantageous. If you choose the ECN account, you’ll be able to take advantage of spreads that start at 0 pips, but the commission fees are equal to or less than $3 per lot. This account type actually charges the highest commission fees of the three. The ECN Pro and MT5 Global accounts also offer spreads starting from 0 pips, in addition to commission fees that are equal to or less than $2 per lot. Swaps are calculated and applied every trading night. On Wednesday nights swaps are charges at triple rate (exceptions are that USDRUB, EURRUB, USDCAD, and USDTRY the triple charge is on Thursday nights.


The website asks users to select between the Standard, ECN, and MT5 Global account in order to view the specific assets available for each account type. This made us curious as to which accounts offer the best instruments, so we did some comparing. All four accounts offer at least 50 currency pairs, but the MT5 account actually offers more than 65 currency pairs. Gold, Platinum, and Silver are also offered for all three accounts, but the MT5 account also offers more precious metals than the other account types. When it comes to CFDs, the offers are more diverse. On the Standard account, there are 15 stocks from Russia and more than thirty stocks from the US, including popular options like Google and Disney.

Meanwhile, the MT5 account offers stocks from Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, Singapore, and Thailand. It seems that the ECN account type does not offer stock trading. The Standard and ECN accounts also offer more than 8 indices and energies on sources like crude oil and natural gas. The MT5 account offers CFDs on shares in the US and Russia, in addition to all of the indices and energies offered by the other account types. Overall, it seems that the MT5 account has the most to offer in this category. The Standard account comes in second place, and the fact that both ECN accounts are missing stocks leaves them in last place.


Spreads start at 0 pips for the ECN, ECN Pro, and MT5 accounts. This is an exceptional offer, especially considering that many other brokers only offer spreads this low for accounts that have outstanding deposit requirements. All three of these accounts do charge commissions, but the fees are reasonable. The highest spreads start at 0.5 pips on the Standard account, which is still lower than average. This account is commission free, so it is definitely an attractive option. It seems that the low spreads are one of the best advantages that Just2Trade has to offer.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit requirement to open a Standard account is $100. This is the industry average, so we weren’t surprised to see this amount listed. It’s always nice to see lower requirements, but you honestly can’t do much with a smaller amount. For the ECN and MT5 account types, one would only need to deposit $200. This is a great offer for the MT5 account, since many other brokers often force traders to deposit a larger amount to access that platform. The majority of traders shouldn’t have an issue providing those deposit minimums with this broker, but some beginners may be looking for lower requirements. Any professional trader that is considering the ECN Pro account will actually need to deposit $10,0000, which is obviously much more of a significant deposit than what is expected for the other account types.

Deposit Methods & Costs

Just2Trade offers several different methods for depositing, including bank wire, Credit Card, PSB, Alfa-Bank, Skrill, GiroPay, iDeal, Dankort, Nordea, POLi, Moneta.Ru, QIWI, Yandex, P24, Neteller, Russian Post, Trustly, UnionPay, AliPay, and Klarna. If you haven’t heard of several of these options, you should know that many of the options, including GiroPay, iDeal, Dankort, Nordea, P24, Klarna, and POLi are all offered by Skrill.

All deposits will be credited instantly, with the exception of bank wire, which is available within 2-3 business days. Deposit fees differ for the Standard and ECN account types. The majority of the deposit methods are fee free on the Standard account, but there are a few exceptions. You’ll also find that fees are charged for the majority of payment methods on the ECN account types. Some of these fees are much higher than average. The only fee free deposit methods for both account types is Ali-Pay, Union Pay, and Trustly. You can view all other fees below.

  • Bank Transfer: Bank fees for both accounts.
  • Russian Post: Free for Standard. 1% on ECN.
  • Moneta.Ru: 1.5% for Standard. 3% on ECN.
  • PSB: Free for Standard. 2.5% on ECN.
  • Skrill, Alfa-Bank, GiroPay, iDeal, Dankort, Nordea, POLi, P24, Neteller, Klarna: Free for Standard. 2.9% on ECN.
  • Credit Card: Free for Standard. 3% on ECN.
  • QIWI: 3.3% for Standard. 6.5% on ECN.
  • Yandex: 3.8% for Standard. 7.5% on ECN.

Withdrawal Methods & Costs

Just2Trade offers fewer withdrawal methods, with the options being limited to Finam bank, bank transfer, Neteller, AstroPay, Union Pay, Skrill, and Visa/MasterCard options for the Standard account. If you’ve chosen the ECN account, Neteller and AstroPay are not withdrawal options. Withdrawal fees are the same for all account types. The website does not list specifics for the MT5 account, but we’re assuming that its fees match the Standard account type. Finam bank, UnionPay and Visa/MasterCard offer fee free withdrawals for all methods.

  • Bank Transfer: 0.125% USD. Caps at $40. EUR is free of charge. 0.1% for RUB. Caps at 2,500 RUB. For both account types.
  • Skrill: 1% for both account types.
  • Neteller: 2% for Standard. Not available on ECN.
  • AstroPay: 2.8% for Standard. Not available on ECN.

Withdrawal Processing & Wait Time

Withdrawals through Finam bank or Union Pay can take 2 to 3 business days to be received. Bank Transfer is available within two days, which is faster than what we’re used to seeing for this particular method. You can expect to receive Skrill withdrawals sometime during a one-day time-frame. Card withdrawals should be expected within 5 to 10 minutes after sending but can take up to five days to be received in rare cases. As long as the withdrawal is received within the usual time-frame, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Bonuses & Promotions

Unfortunately, the website did not have any ongoing bonus or promotion opportunities at the time this article was written. Many brokers do offer these types of incentives occasionally, so it is possible we checked at a time where nothing was going on. Be sure to check to ensure that there isn’t anything happening if you decide to sign up.

Educational & Trading Tools

Just2Trade seems to focus more on providing tools and offers the latest news about economics and finance on their website. Users will also be able to keep track of current economic data using the free Economic Calendar. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to daily or weekly research notes about the Forex market, world markets, and trading ideas. You can also access the research notes archive directly from the website. Those that need educational resources can always take advantage of the free demo accounts, but we do feel as though this broker could offer more educational information for beginners.

Demo Account

We highly recommend taking advantage of the free demo accounts offered by this broker if you’re anything less than a seasoned professional. The platform can only be accessed via MT5, so you’ll be out of luck if you prefer the predecessor. If you open a demo, you’ll be given $100,000.00 USD to trade with, but we recommend you pretend as though this is real money in order to have a realistic experience. Opening a demo with this broker is actually very quick, since all one would need to do is fill out a few details to receive login information.

Customer Service

Support is available 24/7 via phone or email. Unfortunately, there is no instant LiveChat option for this broker. Since this is offered commonly, it’s a little disappointing to see the option missing. However, it is somewhat made up for by the 24-hour support and fact that one can call this broker directly. In addition to the regular contact information, there are separate numbers for customers located in China and India. Clients in China would also need to use a different email address, so be sure to locate the contact information for your location below.




  • Phone: +91 8041300555
  • Trading Desk: +357 96 370242
  • Email: 24_support@just2trade.online

Countries Accepted

This broker does mention that the website is not intended for this in the US, but we successfully registered an account by selecting ‘United States Minor Outlying Islands’ from the countries drop down list selections. It’s common to find contradicting information about the US, so you should always test the account opening process to see if accounts are actually restricted. Also, the website does not list any other restrictions, so everyone should be able to open an account successfully.


Just2Trade is a discount broker that offers a good selection of assets, excluding cryptocurrencies. One can benefit from the discounts offered by choosing this broker because of the lower than average swap fees, which start at 0 pips for two of the account types, in addition to a commission free account option and reasonable commission fees on the other three account types. One downside is that the majority of the deposit and withdrawal methods do charge fees, but the popular Visa/MasterCard method offers free withdrawals. There are several instant funding methods available and withdrawals can be processed quickly, but there can be delays that extend the wait time. Since the minimum deposit is between $100 and $200 for three account types, one should not find their options limited on that basis. Leverage options are high for all account types, but the broker vaguely suggests that the maximum leverages may be more limited for inexperienced traders.

If you do choose this broker, you’ll have the advantage of choosing between four different trading platforms, including the widely popular MetaTrader platforms. Support is offered 24/7, but there isn’t a LiveChat option on the website, so one will be limited to phone or email contact methods. The website provides several tools but could improve by providing more educational opportunities alongside their demo accounts for beginners. We’d also love to see some sort of bonus or promotional opportunities made available. This broker is definitely worth consideration based off of the fact that they offer much lower fees for trading, but the trade off would be higher funding fees. If you limited withdrawals and funded in larger amounts, you would likely come out on top. However, feel free to search for a better option if you feel that you may find a broker offering better opportunities.


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