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10Brokers Review


Registered in the Marshall Islands (registration number 85236), 10Brokers offers forex and CFD trading from within the MT4 platform. This Forex broker is among the newer options in the market, having opened their doors in 2018. At first glance, 10Brokers appears to be very similar to other online FX brokerages, but we did discover some differences worth noting. Read on to find out what these were, as well as to learn exactly what this broker has to offer.

Account Types

There are three different account types offered, including Standard, Gold, and VIP. There actually is not much difference between the three when it comes to platforms, leverage, and the access to extras such as signals and automated trading. The spreads, which are fixed, so become tighter with the higher tier accounts though, something which is worth noting. The most notable difference was the fact that VIP traders are provided with direct access to a personal manager who will provide them with market updates and trade ideas. Although Gold account holders are not provided with their very own personal account manager, they are offered direct access to both the trading room and 10Broker’s research panel and team of experts.

Access to the aforementioned accounts is based upon the initial deposit amount and will be as follows:

Standard: $50 to $5,000
Gold: $5,000 to $10,000
VIP: $10,000 to $30,000

Unless you really want access to a personal account manager, the only real difference seems to be the spreads. However, this Forex broker does not provide a comprehensive list of spreads for each account type. Should you decide to open a new account with 10Brokers.com, we do recommend that you request a spreads comparison list in order to see just how much lower the spreads do become when a higher tier account is opted for.


10Brokers features the MetaTrader4 platform, which as we all know is the most popular Forex trading platform to-date. The platform is offered in several different formats, including software, mobile applications, and WebTrader, which offers in-browser trading. Of particular interest here is the provision of Tablet Trader, a platform design which is specifically for use on tablets. This is actually our first time encountering this, so it was most definitely worth mentioning. The 10Broker website had the following to say regarding their Table Trader option: “Investors on the move can enjoy a user-friendly and feature-filled tablet trading experience, and the platform offers a vast array of innovative trading tools, in-window, interactive charts and features. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the Tablet Trader also supports multiple languages and a variety of currencies.”



Leverage up to 1:500 is offered, but the maximum is dependent upon the type of account that you choose to open. Of course, traders have a love hate relationship with leverage, as it can be both beneficial and problematic. There is no requirement to keep the maximum leverage setting, and it can be changed at any point from within your 10Brokers account. Leverage settings as low as 1:1 offered, with their being many other options to choose from. The photo below shows all of the available leverage settings.

Note that the maximum leverage can vary, depending on the type of asset that is being traded. For example, the maximum is 1:400 on currency pairs and not the 1:500 maximum that is generally advertised.

Trade Sizes

Rather than the standard requirement of a trade size in lots (or a portion of a lot), 10Brokers requires only that the position size be valued at $10 or more. If you’re planning on making a deposit in the minimum amount of $50, you best be an excellent trader, as you’ll only get five trades out of the deal. Clearly, it is not impossible to turn $50 into a fortune if leverage is involved and you’re among the top traders in the industry, but if you’re still learning, you may want to consider allowing yourself a bit more room to grow your profits slowly over time. Indices such as the American Dow Jones, Hong Kong Hang Seng, German DAX, British FTSE, Japanese NIKKEI and more are available, along with commodities such as natural gas and oil, and precious metals like gold and silver.

Trading Costs

There is no commission charged on each trade, which explains the higher spreads (more on that below). Every Forex broker is in business to earn a profit, so if they choose not to charge a commission, they must earn their money elsewhere. In the case of 10Brokers, those earnings would come from the spread. Swap fees may apply when positions remain open after the markets are closed. The standard hours of operation are five days a week, from Sunday, at 22:00 GMT (when the Asian markets open) until Friday, at 20:00 GMT (when the American markets close). To see each swap charges in advance of trading live, we recommend creating a demo account.


10Broker’s asset list is comprised of currency pairs, commodities, and indices. Bitcoin trading is advertised on the site, but we discovered that they are asking that you create an entirely different account in order to trade the cryptocurrency. We may review that separate site/area at some point in the future, but for now, we’re just letting you know that it is available. The asset list is massive, so we won’t attempt to list them all in this 10Brokers review, but we can tell you that the highlights are a large number of major, minor and exotic currency pairs, along with the top major indices and most widely traded commodities.


The spreads are fixed, regardless of the type of account that you choose. However, they do become lower with the higher account tiers. Spreads average around 3 pips, which is a bit high. Often, offshore brokers are able to provide tighter spreads and high leverage, facts which make them attractive brokerage options for many traders. On the EUR/USD pair, the spread was 3 pips, where in comparison, it was 1.6 pips with a competing broker. 10Brokers does state that they offer “super low fixed spreads” on their Gold and VIP accounts, so it may be worth asking them to show you a complete list and then compare it against other brokers that you might be considering trading with.

Minimum Deposit

The lowest accepted deposit is 50 $/€/£. This minimum is quite reasonable and no cause for alarm. Again, we advise that you do keep in mind that there is a 10 $/€/£ minimum on each trade when making a decision regarding how much to deposit. The minimum amount could be quite limiting, even when leverage is applied. Also remember that you will need to deposit more than this if you wish to open a Gold (5,000 minimum) or VIP (10,000 minimum) account. The largest amount that one can deposit at one time is 30,000 $/€/£.

Deposit Methods & Costs

10Brokers accepts Bitcoin, Etherum, credit/debit cards, Qiwi and Yandex electronic payments. Bank wire transfers are also an option. What is noteworthy here is the fact that this broker is able to do what what many cannot, and that is to accept credit and debit cards. There are no deposit fees on any of the aforementioned deposit methods, which is excellent. QR codes and instructions for how to deposit using either of the cryptocurrencies are available in the FAQ’s on the site. Instructions for all other methods are included in the back office area of each account.

Withdrawal Methods & Costs

Withdrawals are typically paid out to the same payment method what was used to fund the account. 10Brokers does not charge any deposit fees, but do check with your payment processor to see if any fees are charged by them. Typically, banks charge for incoming wires and e-payment processors earn money by charging small fees on each transaction. If you have open positions, you must maintain your margin requirements in order to make a withdrawal request, so if you encounter any issues with submitting a request, check your open positions.

Withdrawal Processing & Wait Time

Withdrawal requests are reviewed and processed within three business days. Note that requests are only reviewed if you have submitted your identification and address proof and had those documents approved. It’s best (and easiest) Once approved, crypto and e-payments should arrive within one day or less, with credit and debit payments taking one to three days. Wire transfers usually arrive within 3 to 7 business days, but could take longer in some cases.

Bonuses & Promotions

Currently, 10Brokers isn’t offering any deposit or re-deposit bonuses, nor are they offering any other type of promotions. It does appear that welcome bonuses were offered in the past, but that promotion has since ended. Since this broker did have a bonus offering in place in the past and there is always the possibility of change in the future, please check the broker’s website to see if any of these perks are being offered at the time you wish to create an account.

Educational & Trading Tools

In addition to the all of the tools that MT4 already provides, 10Brokers is offering a Pip Calculator, Economic Calendar, Trading Signals, AlgoTrading, and Forex Market Reviews. 10Brokers’s trading signals service delivers a live feed of signals directly to your phone or inbox, with real-time trade alerts, while the AlgoTrading system provides an option for automated trading. The benefits of this system include:

-Completely automated management, monitoring, analysis, & investment
-Automatic strategy adjustment with each & every trend reversal the system identifies
-Inner-market analysis methodology employing a broad array of data points
-Secure private servers which work to provide a reliable, stable trading system
-Minimized volatility and maximized revenue in a rising or falling markets

While there is not much in the way of educational resources, 10Brokers does a good job of offering these extras. Free signals and automated trading can be extremely helpful, especially to first-time traders.

Customer Service

Let’s start with the most obvious negative in this category – the lack of live chat on the website. Live chat is the preferred contact method of many and is widely used by brokers to ensure that their clients can quickly connect with an agent. With that being said, there is still the option to speak with an actual representative by calling +442031294988. There is no option to request a callback, unfortunately. A contact form is not provided on the site, but it is possible to email your questions and concerns to: support@10Brokers.com. Let’s be clear here. Other FX brokers do offer more contact methods, but so long as 10Brokers is quick to provide assistance via telephone or email, there’s no real problem in only offering these two contact methods.

Demo Account

Demo accounts are offered and can be customized with your preferred leverage setting. The photo below shows the information required to open a demo account within WebTrader, which is one of the easiest ways to complete this task. As you can see, only a small bit of information is provided and you can enter any amount of mock funds that you wish. There is also the option to tick a box and allow for hedging. Be sure to do this if you do make use of hedging strategies. While it is extremely easy to open a demo account within WebTrader, it is also easy to create a demo within the software of the apps.

Countries Accepted

10Brokers.com is licensed and regulated by PIPSEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, under the license number PIP53487, yet they are accepting U.S. clients. The website does state that clients from the United States and Japan are not accepted, but we were easily able to open an account from our U.S. offices. As always, this can change over time, so if you are a U.S. trader who is seeking trading services from broker and encounter any issues with creating an account, contact their customer service department.


In the opening, we pointed out the fact that 10Brokers is a lot like most Forex brokers and even after completing this comprehensive review, that still appears to be true. There are a few things, however, that make them stand out. These include the provision of trade signals and automated trading and the fact that they are allowing credit/debit card deposits. A low minimum deposit, no deposit/withdrawal fees, and no commission charges should also be mentioned The main drawbacks here include no live chat and potentially higher than average spreads (depending on asset and account type). Are there better brokers out there? Yes. However, you could certain do a lot worse and therefore 10Brokers is worthy of at least your consideration.


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